​​"Something eerie happens around October; under the harvest moon the town transforms.

[The] choreographed Thriller dance... Seriously, you don’t want to miss it."

​-Maggie Wallace, Matador Network

"​The "Thriller" dance — performed three times — was a highlight of the 2009 parade, with fans cheering loudly and breaking out cell phones and video cameras to record the event."

-Gina Carbone, Seacoastonline.com


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​​"I just love this. I never had this when I was a kid. We just did trick-or-treating. It was great. How fabulous to get a group of people to do that [the "Thriller" dance] . It's very inspiring."."

-Keith Weirich, PHP Performer

December 2013

The zombies made a second appearance and fooled all in a merrily spirited act at the Portsmouth Holiday Parade.


Now known as the Portsmouth Thriller Group, the horde of undead lurk the streets any time and any where waiting for their moment to make Michael Jackson proud.


The Portsmouth Halloween Parade was born. A group of merely twenty marched through the streets in costume.

October 2009

Michael Jackson's zombies escaped from 6 feet under leaving every spectator of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade chilled to the bone.


The first awakening of these zombies occurred on that eerie night when Michael Jackson took his girlfriend to see Vincent Price's Thriller. It was December 2, 1983. The air foggy and the mood so frightening. They scoured. They howled. And they danced like no other zombie of their time.  

They continue to linger to this day simply waiting for when the moon aligns just right and Michael has set them loose.